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Immediately following the publication of Dianetics, LRH began lecturing to packed auditoriums across America. Although addressing thousands at a time, demand continued to grow. To meet that demand, his presentation in Oakland, California, was recorded. In these four lectures,... Find out more >>
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Following six months of coast-to-coast travel, lecturing to the first Dianeticists, L. Ron Hubbard assembled auditors in Los Angeles for a new Professional Course. The subject was his next sweeping discovery on life—the ARC Triangle, describing the interrelationship of... Find out more >>
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Underlying the development of the Tone Scale and Chart of Human Evaluation was a monumental breakthrough: The Theta-MEST Theory, containing the explanation of the interaction between Life—theta—with the physical universe of Matter, Energy, Space... Find out more >>
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The historic Congress announcing the reunification of the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology with the release of Dianetics 55! Until now, each had operated in their own sphere: Dianetics addressed Man as Man—the first four dynamics—while Scientology... Find out more >>
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With the codification of the Axioms came the means to address key points on a case that could unravel all aberration. Basic Postulates, Prime Thought, Cause and Effect and their effect on everything from memory... Find out more >>
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Besieged with requests for lectures on his latest breakthroughs, L. Ron Hubbard replied with everything they wanted and more at the Second Annual Conference of Dianetic Auditors. Describing the technology that lies behind the self-processing steps of the Handbook—here... Find out more >>
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L. Ron Hubbard began the first lecture in this series with six words that would change the world forever: “This is a course in Scientology.” From there, he not only described the vast scope of this, a then brand-new subject, he also detailed his discoveries on... Find out more >>
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As L. Ron Hubbard explained, “Technique 80 is the To Be or Not To Be Technique.” With that, he unveiled the crucial foundation on which ability and sanity rest: the being’s capacity to make a decision. Here, then, is the anatomy of “maybe,”... Find out more >>
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“Technique 88 is the most hyperbolical, effervescent, dramatic, unexaggeratable, high-flown, superlative, grandiose, colossal and magnificent technique which the mind of Man could conceivably embrace. It is as big as the whole track and all the incidents on it. It’s what you apply it to; it’s what’s... Find out more >>
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Beginning with the announcement of his new book—Scientology 8-80—L. Ron Hubbard not only unveiled his breakthroughs of theta as the Source of Life Energy, but detailed the Methods of Research he used to make that and every other discovery... Find out more >>
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While in preparation of his newest book and the Doctorate Course he was about to deliver, L. Ron Hubbard called together auditors for a new Professional Course. As he said, “For the first time with this class we are stepping, really, beyond the scope of the word Survival.”... Find out more >>
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This renowned series stands as the largest single body of work on the anatomy, behavior and potentials of the spirit of Man ever assembled, providing the very fundamentals which underlie the route to Operating Thetan. Here it is in complete detail—the thetan’s relationship to the creation,... Find out more >>
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With the potentials of a thetan fully established came a look outward resulting in L. Ron Hubbard’s monumental discovery of a universal solvent and the basic laws of the theta universe—laws quite literally senior... Find out more >>
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Here is the panoramic view of Scientology complete. Having codified the subject of Scientology in The Creation of Human Ability, L. Ron Hubbard then delivered a series of half-hour lectures to specifically accompany a full study of the book. From the essentials... Find out more >>
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While Fundamentals of Thought stands as an introduction to the subject for beginners, it also contains a distillation of fundamentals for every Scientologist. Here are the in-depth descriptions of those fundamentals, each lecture one-half hour in length and providing, one-by-one,... Find out more >>