About New Era Publications International ApS

About New Era Publications International ApS Publisher of New York Times and International Bestselling Author L. Ron Hubbard

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, New Era Publications International is the publisher of the nonfiction and fiction works of international best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard.

New Era publishes and distributes Mr. Hubbard’s hard and soft cover books and other materials for Europe, the United Kingdom, CIS, India and the Middle East. New Era’s sister organization—Bridge Publications, Inc., in Los Angeles—is the publisher of his works for North and Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

Established in 1969, New Era Publications was located in the heart of Copenhagen for much of its forty-year history, with warehousing in Amager, in the suburbs of Copenhagen. With New Era’s market growth into new countries, small print runs were frequently necessitated and so the first digital press was installed in 2003.

In 2006, L. Ron Hubbard was named by Guinness World Records as the world’s most published author, with 1,084 titles, as well as the author with the most translated works. Accordingly, and in order to service the exponential increase in the global demand for L. Ron Hubbard’s works, New Era has undergone continuous expansion.

Just since 2006, New Era has increased its production by 600%. And since 2007, it has produced 5.2 million books and publications representing 3,246 different titles by Mr. Hubbard.

The executives and staff of New Era accomplished this level of production through unprecedented organizational expansion and technological advance. First, having outgrown its Copenhagen work spaces, in 2007 New Era moved to a new facility in Smedeland, in the suburb of Glostrup.

Then, an intensive staff training and implementation program based on L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative principles enabled the establishment of a fully streamlined, efficient operation, driving the production capacity to highest-ever levels. Along with this, New Era’s book printing production line was modernized, with state-of-the-art digital presses complemented by forty additional machines.

Moreover, with the historic release in 2009 of L. Ron Hubbard’s beginning Dianetics and Scientology books in thirty-six new languages, New Era transformed its operations to raise its production capacity yet again. Since then, it publishes and supplies books to what are considered pioneer countries—places  where translated L. Ron Hubbard materials have been long-awaited, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Turkey, Thailand, Korea, Kuwait, Egypt and the Ukraine. The sheer number and range of titles and languages New Era handles necessitated a print-on-demand system, with instant fulfillment of orders, and this was achieved with new book production technologies.

Today, having expanded from a one-room print shop to a full-scale, cutting-edge digital book manufacturing plant, combining printing, finishing, bindery and delivery all under one roof, New Era Publications is internationally known as a leader in the digital printing field.

In the words of an industry professional familiar with New Era’s operations and level of production, they are “one of the most modern publishing houses in the world.”

Having established itself at the vanguard of the publishing industry for the twenty-first century, New Era continues to meet the ever-increasing global demand for the solutions of Dianetics and Scientology, by producing and distributing L. Ron Hubbard’s materials at an unprecedented level across dozens of nations.