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18th American ACC
Confront & tone 40

18th American ACC

18th American ACC
Confront & tone 40

With CCH, L. Ron Hubbard had the means for auditors to crack even the “toughest” cases. Although the processes demanded the stamina and skill of an auditor at Tone 40—a level at which only Clears and OTs qualified—Mr. Hubbard had already released the solution at the Freedom Congress, where he demonstrated it by coaching Upper Indoctrination Training Drills (TRs). And in the 18th ACC, he then put these new techniques in the hands of auditors. Given that the essence of TRs is the ability to perceive, he set course with his classic statement on confronting—Scientology & Effective Knowledge. Then, ACC students literally pioneered the bedrock of future training. With TRs as a vital undercut to processes, Mr. Hubbard taught a battery of related discoveries: the definition and application of necessity level; the use of Informal Auditing, Formal Auditing and Tone 40 Auditing; the relationship of the Effect Scale to Tone Scale level and the long‑sought answers to one of Man’s oldest mysteries—death. Here, then, is the full technical application of the revolutionary breakthrough that not only changed Academies forever, but provided Man with his first workable technology on how to confront.

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Willingness to do is the monitor of ability and is the only thing that monitors ability. —L. Ron Hubbard

With the breakthrough of Control, Communication and Havingness (CCH), L. Ron Hubbard had developed technology to a point where a truly well-trained and competent auditor could crack even the “toughest” of cases. Or, put another way, his continued research and undercuts to reach any and all preclears had so advanced auditing procedures that even the most resistive of Homo sapiens surrendered their aberrations and consented to go free. As he wrote in June 1957:

“We can accurately and predictably process a day-old baby, a person in a coma, a catatonic schiz, a no-reality case or a person in very good shape. Of course that’s news, but it also changes several things.”

As to what that meant in terms of broad scale clearing, Mr. Hubbard emphasized that better than 50 percent of those results depended upon the ability of the auditor. And that was most specifically true in the case of CCH, wherein the very power of the processes had brought a new challenge: it severely tested an auditor’s stamina and skills. In point of fact, he had discovered that the effectiveness of CCH depended to a very large degree on auditor state of case and tone level. Indeed, effectiveness of CCH required an auditor at Tone 40. Thus existed an apparently insurmountable obstacle: For when it came to Tone 40, one was only looking at Clears and Operating Thetans. And with a need for thousands of auditors—right now—to begin planetary clearing, time did not permit every auditor attaining Clear before running others on these processes.

Yet if that had been the state of affairs, L. Ron Hubbard had arrived at the solution and announced the breakthrough at the Freedom Congress, so named both because it opened on America’s Independence Day, 4 July 1957, and additionally marked the release of new technologies to free every being on Earth. And whereas that Congress had featured an instructive—and unforgettable—demonstration of training routines and Upper Indoc, Mr. Hubbard was about to put these new techniques to the test of full workability in the training of auditors at the 18th American Advanced Clinical Course.

Held in a beautiful four-story building at the corner of R and 19th Street NW in Washington, DC, the ACC opened on 8 July 1957. The course room hummed as more than 65 auditors from as far afield as South Africa and New Zealand—and all across the United States—awaited his appearance at the podium for the first lecture. Cutting straight to the point, he opened with what has become a Classic—his immortal “Scientology and Effective Knowledge,” in which he articulated a fundamental difference between the “gorgeous wonderland” of previous studies on the mind and spirit and everything Scientology represents:

“Most of our data is on the firm foundation of having looked.

“And your ability to know the subject is your ability to look! No more, no less than that.”

Then, in the same lecture, he set course for the next six weeks with his direction on the most helpful advice a coach can give the student:

“ ‘Do it!’ ‘Confront it!’ ”

While to further establish the standard for training auditors, there was his injunction that “the only error a Scientology Instructor can make is in the direction of softness.”

Thus the course of the 18th ACC. Yet those students may not have realized what they were in fact pioneering under Mr. Hubbard’s direction was the bedrock of future auditor training. For all that they learned and applied was to form the cornerstone of the Professional TRs known and used today by auditors from Sydney to Miami to Budapest.

To that end, he lectured and drilled those auditors on an array of related discoveries, breakthroughs and skills:

  • Theory of Auditing—how auditor plus preclear are greater than the engramic content of the preclear’s bank;
  • Necessity Level—the definition and detailed description, as well as its application to handling emergencies;
  • The Anatomy of Sleep—the difference between sleep and anaten and a cure for sleeplessness;
  • Auditing Styles—a description and use of Informal Auditing, Formal Auditing and Tone 40 Auditing;
  • Effect Scale—the relationship of the Effect Scale to the various tone levels and the Havingness Scale, and the handling of someone stuck at “Have”;
  • IQ—factors behind handling IQ and the use of testing;
  • Groups—instruction on how to handle people and groups and help auditors in the field accomplish their local plans for expansion.

Yet for the final summation of what had been accomplished during that historic six weeks, here is Mr. Hubbard’s “The Saga of the 18th ACC” from the September 1957 issue of Ability:

“We have, as any student can tell you, finalized training patterns. We know today how to train as never before.

“The art of training is to preserve the will while communicating the subject. Today we can do just that—and even improve the will.

“As the old schools of psychology and psychiatry and the ministry die out and our new abilities move in, the world changes. Steadily and calmly we are taking over more and more territory that was once the ‘only one’ domain of the head shrinkers and brain embalmers.

“The reason we can do this is today’s splendid HCA and seasoned ACC graduate.”

And if it is true that auditor training would never be the same again, L. Ron Hubbard was already advancing into the next great phase of research, this time to move Scientology three feet behind society’s head with a monitoring datum that would henceforth guide all planetary clearing.

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