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7th American ACC
Certainty of Communication

7th American ACC

7th American ACC
Certainty of Communication

Isolating every drill and process found most workable in the hands of other auditors, L. Ron Hubbard now distilled them into Intensive Procedure—a single processing regimen whereby a preclear could achieve exteriorization and exercise his abilities as a thetan independent of a body. For the goal had advanced far beyond self‑determinism and now embraced: “willingness to be cause or effect, source‑point, receipt‑point, willingness to be anything, to cause anything, to be the effect of anything, willingness to tolerate any distance, tolerate mass or lack of it and tolerate the whole business of knowingness.” With the accent on increasing ability, Scientology had reached a new plateau. Underlying Intensive Procedure were the Axioms of Scientology, most particularly the importance and power of communication. Here is an arsenal of technology toward case resolution, including the relationship of the Communication Formula in exteriorization and Communication Processes to increase the abilities of an exteriorized thetan. And before the 7th American ACC ended, Mr. Hubbard not only expanded Intensive Procedure but authored the Auditor’s Handbook, later published as The Creation of Human Ability. Here, then, is the very essence of the Scientology religion.

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Improvement of communication is the keynote of all auditing. —L. Ron Hubbard

For nine packed months through six Advanced Clinical Courses, Mr. Hubbard had been undercutting and refining the procedures and processes of Scientology to put their application firmly within the grasp of every auditor. Yet that statement alone does not convey the full significance of what was unfolding throughout that intensive program of lectures, drilling and auditing in those Phoenix course rooms. For as breakthrough built upon breakthrough, each on its own significant and together momentous, the hundred or so auditors selected to receive this advanced training came to realize they were part of something truly historic. That is, no less than the accomplishment of the goal of religion expressed in all Mankind’s written history, the freeing of the soul by wisdom.

Thus, when Mr. Hubbard convened the 7th American Advanced Clinical Course on 23 June 1954 before a chosen complement of auditors at 616 North 3rd Street, Phoenix, excitement was at fever pitch. And with good reason. For with the benefit of everything learned since the start of the first ACC in October 1953, he now isolated every drill and process that had proved most workable in the hands of auditors other than himself and distilled them into a single processing regimen. Called Intensive Procedure, it was a step-by-step program whereby a preclear could achieve exteriorization and exercise his abilities—as a thetan and independent of a body.

“We have with this (Intensive Procedure) walked out of the sphere of self-determinism as our top goal. It’s not our top goal. What our top goal is, is willingness to be cause or effect, source-point, receipt-point, willingness to be anything, to cause anything, to be the effect of anything, willingness to tolerate any distance, tolerate mass or lack of it and tolerate the whole business of knowingness, understandingness, so on.”

Notwithstanding the obvious ramifications of a procedure that could be applied by any auditor—virtually providing a checklist of steps to undercut the level of every case and then move them upwards to full exteriorization—was the entire change of approach. Rather than concentrating on the eradication of disability, the accent became an increase of ability which, in turn, handled disability as a matter of routine.

Indeed, here was an entirely new plateau not only for auditing, but the subject of Scientology itself. For what underlay Intensive Procedure and these new processes were the very Axioms of Scientology. And, indeed, the processes themselves were drawn right from those Axioms and, most particularly, the singular importance and power of Communication. As L. Ron Hubbard was later to describe, it was no less than one of the great discoveries of Scientology. And for those auditors of the 7th ACC, it yielded an arsenal of procedures for the resolution of cases:

  • Considerations—how they take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time;
  • The Communication Formula—its relationship to exteriorization;
  • Two-way Communication—how it guides the case and enables the preclear to As-is any condition;
  • Communication Processes—how they are used to drill and increase the abilities of an exteriorized thetan;
  • Anatomy of Mystery—how communication works to resolve it;
  • Make and Break—the means to break a thetan’s comm lines with the body so he can operate exterior;
  • Straightwire—ARC Straightwire, Present Time Straightwire, Viewpoint Straightwire and SOP 8-D by Straightwire, including how Straightwire enables a person to string a communication line from Cause to Effect.

And with that, Mr. Hubbard had achieved exactly what he set out to accomplish at the beginning of the 7th ACC:

“Our goal, then, is not to accumulate a great deal of data. Our goal is to find out how data is made. Our goal is not to remember a great many things, but to see how memory is made. Our goal is not to go out and love and embrace the entire world, but to see how love is made. Not necessarily to communicate with everything on Earth and in this universe, but to discover how communication is made.

“And having discovered how all these things are made, not to have the faint heart of the philosopher who is content to write about life, but is never quite courageous enough to live it. Having learned how to make all these things, then make them.”

In testament to accomplishment of those goals, before the 7th ACC had concluded L. Ron Hubbard had not only expanded Intensive Procedure, but authored a text so embracive in its application that it was titled the Auditor’s Handbook. Later to be known as The Creation of Human Ability, it stands as the broadest statement on Scientology itself—both in 1954 as well as today. Mr. Hubbard then proceeded to ensure its application by all Scientologists with a series of lectures specifically tailored to accompany the book and in combination forming the curriculum of a new Professional Course. From the history and heritage of Scientology as a religion, to the application of Axioms in auditing, and from the Four Conditions of Existence, to the Dynamics and Operating Thetan—each of such paramount importance they were forever to be known as the Phoenix Lectures.

Here, then, is the very essence of the religion, Scientology.

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