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London Congress on Dissemination & Help

London Congress on Dissemination & Help

London Congress on Dissemination & Help

The “magic formula” of dissemination! With technology now capable of handling any case, the only remaining barrier was getting them into the session so it could be applied. And that’s the story of L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery of four buttons so powerful, he dubbed them the “Deadly Quartet.”

It all stemmed from his observation that before preclears could make gains, they had to be interested in their own cases. Yet what he found is that most people were below any interest—even in life itself. He tracked that down to basic and found the factor of Help was the major factor. Specifically, previous help had so often failed most felt it wasn’t even possible. That’s what led him to develop Presession Processes—so named since they were necessary before any session could even begin—to bring preclears up to the point where they knew help was possible, and were now interested in getting some!

Moreover, Mr. Hubbard discovered these same factors could be addressed outside the auditing room and, in fact, were the answer to dissemination itself. Indeed, they not only got anyone interested in Scientology, but—since they are a process—provided case gain even when used in dissemination. Here, then, are two lecture series in one. First, he delivered the London Open Evening Lectures, to both Scientologists and their friends—expanding on these factors and, in fact, demonstrating their use in dissemination! Next, to teach their application in both auditing and dissemination, he called together Scientologists for the London Congress on Dissemination & Help. Here, then, are L. Ron Hubbard’s public lectures on bringing Scientology to the world, and the means for you to do the same and so help get the rest of the planet in session.

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About the only overt act that we could pull now in Scientology is fail to disseminate it properly.

Your responsibility cannot stop merely by knowing for yourself, simply because you are tied into a world which doesn’t know. —L. Ron Hubbard

It was the summer of 1960, and just one year since Mr. Hubbard’s establishment of Saint Hill as the central headquarters for all research and dissemination.

Technology had already advanced by monumental leaps. First with the means for wide scale clearing through co-auditing (Theta Clear Congress). Then with the breakthrough of responsibility and its technology of overts and withholds to advance any case and any dynamic (State of Man Congress). Moreover, with these breakthroughs now in application throughout the world, the Scientology population had doubled in just ten months.

Yet what he next discovered was about to signal unprecedented growth. For it was, in fact, the magic formula of dissemination.

It all stemmed from the fact that with existing technology now capable of moving any case straight to Clear, the only barrier was getting the preclear into session so the technology could be applied. But as Mr. Hubbard was soon announcing:

“Have you ever wondered how to persuade a stranger to get audited? Have you ever had to ‘sell’ a hostile family member Scientology before you could audit someone? Have you ever had trouble auditing anyone?

“Well, you’ll be pleased to know that these problems have been vanquished by some material I’ve developed.”

That development was something entirely new—Presession Processes—so named because they were used to get into session:

“Unless these four points are present in a session, it is improbable, in a great number of cases, that any real, lasting gain will be made.”

Those four factors were Help, Control, Communication and Interest—buttons so powerful he called them the “Deadly Quartet.” More to the point, since they were factors necessary for a session to take place, they were also the key to unlock dissemination. For as he discovered, the same factors that kept a being from interest in his own case likewise kept him from an interest in Scientology itself. And that’s why he was next releasing the technology broadly, for use by all Scientologists:

“The reason people in this age do not at once leap to your mention of a new, startling science is that these people are in the majority three steps below being capable of interest.”

And while L. Ron Hubbard then detailed step-by-step instructions for application of the Deadly Quartet in dissemination, quite literally “How to do it,” nothing could compare to what he next provided.

They were called the London Open Evening Lectures, for these were public lectures with everyone welcome, most particularly non-Scientologists. In attendance, then, were Scientologists, their friends and public who had never heard of the subject. And so it was, in the Empire Rooms on London’s Tottenham Court Road, that he lectured and demonstrated the use of these factors to revitalize anyone’s interest in life. Specifically, the factors of Presessioning weren’t only a means to get people “in session,” but could be used by themselves to revitalize life itself. And most particularly, the factor of Help:

“This is so fundamental that the reason life is life and people are together and grass grows and trees grow and apparently the rain falls and everything else, is because it helps somebody.”

Then, for Scientologists, Mr. Hubbard convened the London Congress on Dissemination & Help at London’s Royal Commonwealth Society Hall. Held on 7 August, it was here he presented the power of Presessioning in both auditing and dissemination. At which point the full magnitude of this technology in accomplishing that greater goal of a new civilization could be missed by no one:

“But completely aside from auditing, if you straightened out those points with every associate, or if you straightened out those points in every group, no matter what kind of a group (familial, business, military, it doesn’t matter what)—if you just straightened those things out, just those four, it’d operate practically like a cleared group, regardless of the state of beingness of the people who composed it, which is quite remarkable.”

Here, then, are two lecture series in one—both the technology itself and its full use in dissemination. It’s the technology that cuts right to the core of deep-rooted apathy, without which people of Earth might never take their first step to freedom. And that is why this Congress is the key to true planetary help.

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