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1st Melbourne ACC
Responsibility and the State of OT

1st Melbourne ACC

1st Melbourne ACC
Responsibility and the State of OT

Following a massive Congress at which he imparted a special message to Australian Scientologists on their unique responsibility for Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard rolled out something of even greater moment on the 1st Melbourne ACC. For with several routes mapped to Clear, he returned to that higher goal of Operating Thetan whose potentials he charted in The Philadelphia Doctorate Course and Scientology 8‑8008. Drawing on subsequent discoveries, he had not only uncovered the primary obstacle to OT attainment—indeed, to any case gain—but had shattered that barrier with the technology of Overts and Withholds, enabling any being to achieve the central component in case progress—Responsibility. From the road to OT and how it depends on the shifting of valences, to the anatomy and handling of individuation, and from the relationship between withholds and an apparency of “no bank,” to the universe of a thetan, here is the technology that opened the gates to ascending levels of spiritual freedom and, ultimately, OT itself. As to what these discoveries foretold, Mr. Hubbard declared, “With the 1st Melbourne ACC, we begin a new era in Scientology—greater, broader and more successful than anything we have experienced before.”

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Just get right in there and audit! You can’t hear what the pc said, well, put your ear over close to his face! And he seems to be trying to blow or something of the sort or appears very nervous, well, hold him in the chair! And you don’t think he’s listening to you very good, give him a solid comm line of an arm.

But you’re an auditor and as such you are not an unimportant person and as such your interest in the case is essential. And that’s first, paramount and foremost and you’re going to get the most auditing done by auditing! You understand? —L. Ron Hubbard

In September 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was in the United States. Despite the apparent cooling of tensions between the world’s two “great powers” that had led to this meeting with US President Eisenhower, the Russian leader startled his American hosts with a blunt and brutal speech on the possibility of nuclear war. And indeed, it was a threat that continued to loom large in people’s minds and in the culture, dramatized in the movie, On the Beach, which envisioned a planet devastated by World War III.

Yet, as portrayed in that movie, there was one part of the world that, at least temporarily, survived the holocaust—Australia. And Australia was very much in focus when L. Ron Hubbard spoke of the Southern Hemisphere as the only area that would ever stand a chance of survival in an atomic war—provided it were self-sufficient—because such a war would most likely occur in the Northern Hemisphere. What was more, the nation was home to a thriving and fast-expanding field of Scientologists, with the HASI Australia even predicting in its magazine, Communication, that “maybe Australia will produce the first all-Scientology culture.”

So it was that early in November 1959, Mr. Hubbard left England and, after a stop in Calcutta, landed in Melbourne on 5 November to deliver a Congress imparting the responsibility Australian Scientologists must take for the world at large. And considering it was the first ever to be presented by him in Australia, the turnout was—as one local publication described—“a giant Congress” before hundreds of wildly enthusiastic Scientologists and their friends.

Then again, and whereas he did deliver a very special message to Australian Scientologists on their pivotal importance to the future of all beings on this planet, that was but the start of what he would lay before them. Because, as was traditional, he had also scheduled an ACC. It began on 9 November at 157 Spring Street, headquarters of HASI Australia, and was attended by a group of 40 select auditors from both Australia and New Zealand. And as those auditors would soon discover, what this ACC represented was an entirely new direction:

“The basic text of this course is Scientology 8-8008. The first lectures which immediately precede this course were The Philadelphia Lectures of fall 1952—64 hours of lecture. They’re the immediate lectures which instantly precede this course. So, you see, we’ve done an awful jump on the time track. Do you see that?”

As for what Mr. Hubbard communicated, and just what it meant to return to 1952 and The Philadelphia Doctorate Course, it was summed in the goal of Operating Thetan. For having charted and mapped the potentialities of a thetan at native state, he had spent the subsequent years undercutting the current state of Man to develop processes that reached all cases and procedures that all auditors could apply. As a result, the overriding purpose had become the certain accomplishment of Clear for the vast majority who could not readily achieve this state and, hence, for whom rehabilitation of OT skills was beyond reach. But now, with several routes researched and codified—and which were producing Clears routinely and with certainty—he could return to that higher goal of Operating Thetan. Indeed, he had uncovered the primary obstacle that lay right across the path to OT—or for that matter, across the path of any case gain. While as to its importance:

“Now, you’re processing against a definition and the definition is ‘willing and knowing cause over life, matter, energy, space and time,’ which would of course include postulates, considerations and thetans. And that’s the definition of an OT.”

In point of fact, and as Mr. Hubbard told those students, the only route to OT was through Responsibility. And in this 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course, he set forth the monumental technology to achieve that core component in all case progress—specifically, the technology of Overts and Withholds:

  • Valence Shifting—how the road to OT depends on shifting of valences;
  • Rule of the Weak Valence—what it is, why it must be handled and how;
  • Individuation—its source, and the role of communication in knocking it out;
  • Judgment—the ability to evaluate relative importances and how freedom depends on it;
  • Ability to Make Postulates Without Consequence—its relationship to the rehabilitation of OT;
  • Bad Experiences—how they erase on the overt, not the motivator;
  • Principal Incidents on the Track—the full details, including how they create ridges and their location and handling;
  • Tone Arm—how to bring it down and to a Clear meter read.

Summarizing it all, what he had provided was a technology that not only spans all types of auditing and underlies case gain at all levels, but shatters the very barriers that lie in the path of every being as he ascends toward ever-greater levels of spiritual freedom. Thus, when postulating all that meant, L. Ron Hubbard would thereafter speak in terms of a brand-new look leading to a brand-new Earth.

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