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Hubbard Clearing Scientologist

Hubbard Clearing Scientologist

Hubbard Clearing Scientologist

As the 1950s passed into history, the 1960s roared into life. At the State of Man Congress, L. Ron Hubbard had set the whole of Scientology on course for OT, announcing the breakthrough of Responsibility and the technology of Overts and Withholds. The very next day, he began lecturing auditors on the Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course: “Today you’re auditing cases and you’re auditing them on the hottest buttons there are in cases and it requires you to be alert and you to be on your toes all the time.” In short, there could be no slightest compromise with perfection and that meant auditing of hairbreadth precision, mandating one auditor tool in particular—the E‑Meter. Here, then, is where Mr. Hubbard provides a consummate description of every facet in metering. Here is how the meter registers the thetan’s effect on matter, energy, space and time, here is the why behind a theta bop, here, too, is recognition of cases by meter reaction. It is all here. L. Ron Hubbard presents the how and why of meter use and meter phenomena to locate and handle overts and withholds, thereby restoring responsibility and thus opening the gates to OT.

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The Tone Arm is a measure of the amount of responsibility taken by the pc for his existence and for his overts and withholds in general. So this Tone Arm can be said to be—and I now give you a highly important vital datum in the use of an E-Meter and the keynote to all auditing and it is simply this: that the higher the Tone Arm, the less the responsibility for the overts and withholds. —L. Ron Hubbard

If the 1950s culminated with a series of breakthroughs to make broad scale clearing a reality, the 1960s were heralded with discoveries pioneering entirely new realms on the route to Operating Thetan. And with the completion of the 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course and the State of Man Congress—embracing all L. Ron Hubbard had discovered bearing on overts, withholds and the pivotal importance of responsibility in the making of OTs—Scientology entered not just upon a new decade, but a new era.

In terms of how these new developments translated into actual auditing, the technology he had now codified to remove the barriers on that OT path required auditors to be trained to perfection. And to just that end, one auditor tool took on an importance above all others:

“Auditing these days is done with an E-Meter. It’s the only reliable thing you’ve got with regard to auditing that you can count on absolutely.”

Thus, scarcely had 1960 dawned when Mr. Hubbard began delivery of the Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course in the Academy of the Founding Church in Washington, DC. Those picked to receive this advanced training comprised some 25 top auditors, with the course starting on 4 January.

As a first instruction, they listened to the lectures he had given a few weeks previously to the class of the 1st Melbourne ACC, containing the theory, mechanics and application of his most recent discoveries. Simultaneously, he delivered evening lectures embracing the scope of the E-Meter, set forth and demonstrated exhaustively—a truly consummate description of every conceivable meter phenomena, including how to recognize it, what it meant and, most important, how to apply it in session.

From the fact that the meter registers the thetan’s effect on matter, energy, space, time and his thoughts, to the phenomena of why a theta bop occurs, to how to recognize a case by meter reaction, it is all here. Moreover, and of particular relevance to everything these breakthroughs signified for this culture and planet, the how and why of using the meter to locate overts and withholds and free the being from their adverse effects—and the exact mechanics and phenomena that underlay this technology:

  • Rudiments—what they are and why no session ever starts without them;
  • Tone Arm—why it is a measure of the responsibility taken by the preclear;
  • Reactive Bank—the amount of bank is inversely proportional to the amount of responsibility;
  • Ability—how a particular ability can be recovered by handling responsibility;
  • Big Overts—why they don’t always read on a meter at first and how one unburdens smaller overts to reach a larger one;
  • Identity—the primary button on the track;
  • KRC Triangle—how it is used in auditing and why the auditor is senior to all its points;
  • Energy—why you can burn coal to produce heat and how this relates to auditing.

As to what these data signified towards clearing and the making of OTs, in a policy soon to be published from Saint Hill, Mr. Hubbard would describe these lectures as the most important course tapes ever issued. While, in regard to all that represented:

“It has taken nearly ten years for me to build a better bridge. Well, I have no qualms about this one. It will stand any loads and stresses. We know the basic buttons of aberration full and finally. And all too truly you will never be the same again.”

Also included is a recorded message from L. Ron Hubbard of 11 March 1960 containing data directly related to the HCS Course. It was addressed to students of a South African ACC which was comprised of a replay of the HCS and 1st Melbourne ACC lectures. Titled “Special Course Tape—South African ACC,” this recording has never been available and is presented here for the first time.

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