Publisher of New York Times and International Bestselling Author L. Ron Hubbard

Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul
The L. Ron Hubbard Series

Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul

Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of the Human Soul
The L. Ron Hubbard Series

Rediscovery of the Human Soul is the story of Ron’s philosophic quest and his forging of the philosophy of Scientology. Various rare essays, selections and discussions from all critical junctures of his philosophic journey are included.

My own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves and one should keep going despite heavy weather, for there is always a calm ahead.

—L. Ron Hubbard

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Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of The Human Soul


  • An Introduction to L. Ron Hubbard
  • A Note on Survive and “Excalibur”
    • Excalibur by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Tomorrow’s Miracles by L. Ron Hubbard
  • The Birth of Dianetics
    • A Synopsis of Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
  • The Golden Dawn of Scientology
    • Man’s Search for His Soul by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Is It Possible to Be Happy? by L. Ron Hubbard
    • What Is Scientology? by L. Ron Hubbard
  • A Word on Rediscovering the Human Soul
    • The Rediscovery of the Human Soul by L. Ron Hubbard
    • L. Ron Hubbard Discusses the Development of His Philosophy
  • The Demystification of Death
    • A Note on Past Lives by L. Ron Hubbard
  • The Bridge
    • The States of Existence by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Philosophy Wins after 2,000 Years by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Scientology Answers by L. Ron Hubbard
    • Dianetics, Scientology and Beyond by L. Ron Hubbard
    • My Only Defense for Having Lived by L. Ron Hubbard
    • My Philosophy by L. Ron Hubbard
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